CERTIFICATIONS - Radiation Free, Radiation Safe Premises

We issue Certificates (validity of 12/24 months) based on the results of the measurements of the Electromagnetic / Radiation Safety of your space (home, business, etc)

Electrosmog Free premises certification


Certification - Premises' Electromagnetic Safety Certificate (or Overexposure)

With special marking we characterize areas as electromagnetically clean and we practice counseling and information about radiation in modern Our era is characterized by constantly changing conditions, for example in 2021 in Greece and most EU countries there will be implemented during the first half of 2021 mobile telephony 5G antennas and signal transponders, where (under conditions), there may be a very serious increase of the electromagnetic charges in some areas in comparison to 4G / 3G mobile telephony networks.

In most cases certification is required for electromagnetic safety. Confirmation that the space is not overloaded and in any case below the load limit by EMF Electromagnetic. AKTINOVOLIA, based on internationally followed practices and standards and the European Directive (European Directive 2013/35 / EU, July 2016. Protection of Workplaces etc from Electromagnetic Radiation Emissions)

The scientific competence of Aktinovolia, our several years of experience in performing measurements of EMF radiation and the internationally compatible equipment (manufactured by the leading companies, indicatively we mention: Wavecontrol, Aaronia ) certified and accredited in November 2019 (equipment comparable to its measurements), enables us to carry out measurements and issue a certificate valid for 12-24 months based on the results of the measurements.

transmission lines - safety distances

Aktinovolia follows the model of ELOT for accurate measurements of Electromagnetic Fields based on internationally accepted and recommended practices, which analyze the below:

    • Measurements with accredited instruments equal to ones used by Ministries of Defense
    • Measurements 6 minutes , per 500 msec
    • Total 720 results - from measurements 6 thin for each measuring point
    • Measurement average - maximum and minimum
    • Units in V / m, uW / cm2, A / m
    • Standardization ELOT electromagnetic fields

The results of our radiation measurements are unquestionable as are the certifications we issue based on the measurements results. As mentioned we used a wide range of measuring instruments from the leading and most reliable manufacturers worldwide, instruments certified and accredited by international organizations and based on international standards (soon with ESYD certification too). The measurements are made by specialized, experienced, scientific staff and the various analysis of the measurements data are performed by a wide group of experts in the field.

Indicative Radiation Measurement Sample

wavecontrol radiation detection equipment
Measurement information
Measurement name 81r
Software version
SMP2 serial 19SN1219
SMP2 firmware 1.35
Probe serial 19WP140136
Probe frequencies 20MHz-40GHz
Initial time 11-Dec-19 2:57:03.0 PM
Final time 11-Dec-19 2:59:03.0 PM
Measurement time 0:02:00
Average interval 6min
Average type sliding
Limit None
Units V/m uW/cm2 A/m*
Last average 1.183 0.3712 0.003138
Maximum 2.689 1.918 0.007133
Minimum 0.5574 0.08241 0.001479
measurement equipement data

Calibration Certificate of our radiation measurement equipment

measurement equipment calibration

In order to measure and certify a plot of land, the building must have been provided with topographic or floor plans of the building where our measurements will be recorded. With this process we have the ability to set distances from sources of electromagnetic charge.

After the measurements are carried out, they are recorded on the topographic or floor plans and, in fact, the polluting points of radiation emission are detected and a possible way of shielding is suggested (if necessary).

The measurements are analysed and the characteristics on the floor plan that you presented to us are analyzed, the electromagnetic map of your building is delivered with obvious special markings that certify the safe spaces. All the necessary data, the equipment, the measurement process, the results of the measurements as well as the conclusions from the comparison of the results with the safe exposure limits are listed in the respective paragraphs in the report that we will deliver to you and in file A concerning the introductory part . Measurements should be made on all 3 axes. Each measurement should last 6 minutes. In processing the results, the maximum value obtained in the period of 6 minutes should be taken into account and not the average. The formula used to calculate the total electric field strength is:

electric field intensity formula

The total charge will be calculated taking into account the worst case scenario. That is, the contributions of other sources will be taken into account with the results from the radio station or low frequency for which the measurements are made - to the point where they are maximum.

It is obvious that any measurement procedure, both during its preparation and during its execution, must meet the requirements dictated by international standards and measurement instructions in order to avoid systematic and accidental errors that could affect the reliability of the results (Decision 2300 EFA (493), 2008; ELOT 1422-3, 2006; ETSI EG 202 373, 2005; ITU-R BS.1698, 2005).

Also, in near field conditions, for the complete evaluation of the electromagnetic environment it is required to take separate measurements for the electric and for the magnetic field as it seems especially for the low frequencies 50Hz.

At the same time, we enclose a written proposal for shielding - if the need for shielding against EMF Electromagnetic Radiation of the space is deemed necessary, in cases of exceeding the safe limits - high electromagnetic load.

wireless internet radiation protection

We certify the safety of your premises based on international safety standards as well as the Greek provisions for safe exposure to electromagnetic fields.

We confirm with new measurements the results of the shielding during and after the completion of the shielding works.

We provide a 10-year warranty for the shields applied by our company (re-measurements for renewal of our Certificate are charged at half price of the initial measurement).

Upon completion, we provide re-measurements at minimal cost and re-imprint the electromagnetic map on the floor plans of the building.

Certification in addition to your personal peace of mind for your safety from EMF Radiation, provides businesses with multiplier benefits, ensuring the safety of business premises. Both employees and customers and visitors will appreciate it properly with the consequent benefits to your company being obvious.

high voltage electricity protection

Our Certification brings additional profits / consequent benefits to companies such as:


Kindergartens and nurseries


Office Spaces


Maternity hospitals

Nursing homes


Diagnostic centers

and all kinds of human gathering places

mobile telephony radiation shielding

Export Measurement Results

The following tables and figures show in detail for each Measurement Point

  • Top view for each position where measurements were made
  • Detailed Measurement Tables
  • Analytical tables of point measurements
  • Endogenous RF from Wi-Fi Routers, Wireless Networks and electrical / electronic devices in the building
  • LF from power lines, panels, UPS and transformers as well as motors and engines of all kinds of power consumption
  • The description of the space and location where measurements were made
  • Characterization of the environmental conditions during the measurements as within the basic or extended operating range of the instrument
  • The limit reduction factor applied (70% or 60%),
  • The results for the exposure ratio for each spectral area and point
  • GPS coordinates of measuring points
  • At the measuring position (as calculated from the measured electric field strength, E), the exposure ratio for each spectral area at the measuring position and the extended uncertainty for it </li >
  • The overall exposure position ratio, the increased uncertainty and the 95% confidence interval for it
  • The comparison of the measurement results with the exposure limits
  • Values ​​for electric and magnetic field strength as well as equivalent wavelength power density (as calculated from the above long-range exposure ratios)
house protection - radiation shielding
radiation is everywhere

Our Certificate can be used for any legal use and where its presence is required.

Unfortunately, our Certificate does not have an unlimited duration - it is valid for 12 or 24 months, as if we have not shielded the area, a polluting source with electromagnetic fields may appear in our neighborhood at any time, using new antenna systems and devices, or mainly hidden antenna system.

We can not know when and how the Electromagnetic Radiation Map of our area will change. The only case in which our Certificate is valid indefinitely is if we have fully shielded the areas that we certify for their purity from EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation).

zanneio safety certification
Candia Maris Hotel safety certification
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