Photovoltaic Radiation Measurements

We measure radiation in Photovoltaic Parks (Power Density S - Electromagnetic Load of linear conductors & generators - electric & magnetic fields)

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Photovoltaic Panels - Photovoltaic Parks

The general term Photovoltaics is called the industrial device of many photovoltaic cells in a row. In essence, these are artificial semiconductors (usually from silicon ) who come together to create one ηλεκτρικό circuit in series. These semiconductors  absorb photons from the solar radiation  and produce one electrical voltage. This process is called "Photovoltaic Phenomenon".

Photovoltaics belong to their category Renewable Energy Sources. In the category of renewables solar sources energy, the solar thermal systems are more efficient than photovoltaics.

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Photovoltaic Phenomenon

The photovoltaic (PV) phenomenon concerns the conversion of solar energy into electricity. The PV phenomenon was discovered in 1839 by Edmont Becquerel (Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel). In short, it is the absorption of light energy by the electrons of the atoms of the PV cell and the escape of these electrons from their normal positions resulting in the creation of current. The electric field that pre-exists in the PV cell leads the current to the load.

Photovoltaic Device

The PV panels have as their main part the solar cell (solar cell) which is a properly processed semiconductor of small thickness on a flat surface. The incidence of sunlight creates electrical voltage and with the appropriate connection in charge an electric current is generated.
The PV cells are properly grouped and assemble the photovoltaic panels or generators (modules), typical power from 20W to 300W. The PV generators are electrically connected to each other and the photovoltaic arrays (arrays) are created.

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We will measure the following sizes:

  • Power density S of high frequency electromagnetic fields due to WiMax wireless mobile telephony transmission (measurement in μW / m 2 ).
  • Low frequency electromagnetic charge due to high voltage linear switching conductors or large power distribution panels.
  • Low frequency electromagnetic charge due to generators and power plants as well as photovoltaic panels and inverters.
  • Electric and magnetic fields by measuring the flux density of magnetic fields in nT and low frequency electric fields in μA / m 2
Electrosmog Free Locations


  • Certificate for your reception area / offices
  • Certificate Stickers for all control areas
  • Certificate for your Website
  • Electromagnetic Map of the area on your topographic
  • Safety of employees
  • Promoting the Green and sustainable character of the company
  • Enhance your green character in local communities
  • Undisputed service due to state-of-the-art technology of our measuring equipment
  • Wavecontrol Spain / Germany Calibrated Equipment


  • Our Certification can be used for any use and where required
  • We give you stickers for your Green spaces
  • We issue you a Certificate on our website accompanied by an entry on your page internationally recognized
  • Certification gives you a strong reputation as a company with a social and environmental footprint, as areas with low electromagnetic load, especially by high-risk individuals, in your areas of action are increasingly valued
  • We provide a number of documents with international data on radiation and electromagnetic fields.
  • Our service creates a powerful marketing tool for your business as you take advantage of the security and certification provided.
  • We certify with new measurements for the results of possible shielding
  • We provide a 10-year warranty for the shield (provided that our instructions are followed correctly both during the application of the shielding materials and during their maintenance)
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1) Checkpoints:

Multiple control points are estimated for Low Frequencies

For the Low frequencies, measurements will be made in the spaces, from M / S and power supply generators I nverters

  1. Across the geographical area based on the floor plans at exact points with GPS coordinates determined on the plot - area of ​​the park measurements
  2. Multiple checkpoints are defined, some with circles having centers geometrically defined emission points as cell centers defined geographically in the park
  3. Emphasis on area and staff security
  4. Measurements in meters and energy distribution network from the photovoltaic park through HEDNO network
  5. Inverters Area Measurements
  6. Measurements of each sensitive area you specify in the area
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2) STUDY PREPARATION will include at least the following:

2a) Capture of the Panel electromagnetic map for all areas

2b) Capture of the electromagnetic map of the energy area of ​​your park panels into geographic cells with some measurement centers

2c) Details
2.1 measurements
2.2 recording
2.3 definitions of areas
2.4 definition with coordinates in the drawing
2.5 safety measures
2.6 maximum staff stays in certain areas
2.7 full analysis of the facts
2.8 international standards and epidemiological studies
2.9 personnel safety equipment for work within strong electromagnetic fields
2.10 marking on the areas in a natural way of areas
2.11 on-site color hazard distinction of areas (blue, yellow, orange, red)
2.12 Clear placement of signs of colored distinctions with staff stay times

2c) Additional maps (other than those with absolute values) will be provided with color code identifying areas that exceed the permissible limits, as obtained from National and European health recommendations for staff and citizen workplaces.

It is necessary to compare the results of the measurements with the National borders that have been set as well as with the borders of at least three other European countries, with a significant difference between them, in terms of the limits set by these countries.

In order to complete our offer, the topographic of the area of ​​the measurements is necessary

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