PROTECTION (SHIELDING) against Radiations

We offer shielding and protection services against all kinds of radiation at Homes and Commercial spaces, Offices, Crafts, Industries... Special radiation shielding materials and techniques.

swiss shield - home emf protection


Shielding against Electromagnetic Radiation and Charging of your home or workplace using membranes on the windows of special color, grounding on the walls, special curtains and grids, applied by a special workshop.

Protection against Electro Smog

We can protect the home, office or any installation and space from radiation due to proximity to mobile antennas, wireless networks, Radar, Wimax, beacons and transmitters AM / FM / VHF / UHF, TV antennas, antenna and transmitter stations, transmitters electromagnetic fields. Also shields of electric and magnetic fields from high voltage current.

home protection - emf radiation shielding
special paint for radiation shielding of homes or offices
electromagnetic radiation - walls' shielding paint

How do I shield an area from radiation?
From a special workshop with special shielding materials. These materials, paints, membranes, groundings, curtains and grids, reflect radiation due to their composition (with a yield of 99% - 99.999%).

Our company undertakes the complete electromagnetic restoration of your space. Ask us for information and shielding pronunciation.

We want to assure you that through the result of measurements before and after our work, we ensure the complete restoration of your space and issue you a free certificate of electromagnetic protection thus increasing its current objective value.

electric grounding for emf shielding
electric grounding for house shielding against radiations


  • One of our basic materials for electromagnetic shielding is our specially enriched paint from the company Yshield with 10% of additional metals and Alamina for even greater radiation protection. Distinguished in the market with the special logo that guarantees its effectiveness in every high frequency radiation 3G, 4G, 5G, Radar, Radio, TV, in combination with special building earthing
house radiation shield paint

Where are wireless electromagnetic shielding solutions commonly used?

  • In Homes
  • Office spaces
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Maternity hospitals
  • Private schools
  • Kindergartens
  • In every sensitive human gathering space
window shielding film
window films for solar ultraviolet protection: UVA, UVB, UVC
  • Two types of membranes shielding up to 32db can with special techniques and perfect result be placed on your windows to completely cut off electromagnetic radiation from mobile telephony antennas and AM / FM / VHF / UHF transmitters. We count before and after until we have full depreciation. We have applied shielding membranes in many buildings and offices in every corner of Greece with perfect results even in particularly aggravated cases of electromagnetic charge
  • Beyond the membranes and shielding film on the openings, frames, windows and balcony doors and in front of glass panes, we can apply special curtains of the well-known Swiss company Swish Shield which we represent.
  • Areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and living rooms can also be perfectly shielded with excellent materials from the Swiss company with our unparalleled care and sewing giving a perfect result - they are available in a range of soft colors.
  • Also special mosquito nets over cribs and adult beds protect from endogenous radiation and WiFi neighbors and appliances of our house
radiation shielding curtains
  • Also fabric materials such as carpet, bed linen
  • We can analyze your needs and give you a perfect shielding effect that always depends on the radiation source and can reach 99% radiation cut-off
  • In special areas that require full depreciation (hotels, spas, medical centers, clinics, and wellness areas) we can apply additional techniques and finally issue the Wireless Green Protocol a certificate that will distinguish them
  • Also low frequency radiation shielding medium and high voltage power lines, PPC transformers, motors, power distribution parks, Data Centers and power supply facilities from renewable sources, wind and photovoltaic parks . Here we have to deal with electric and magnetic fields of low frequencies. The electric fields are treated with membranes and with special low frequency paints specially made for Unfortunately, the magnetic fields need special expensive materials to be cut and a special application and study. Aktinovolia can give you solutions and shield you with problem analysis and specialized work
  • Emphasize that our radiation measuring equipment is Wavecontrol and are ultra-high-tech instruments, providing absolutely accurate measurements
yshield rdf25 windows film
radiation is everywhere
protecting yourself from radiation - keep distance from radiation sources


Electromagnetic Shielding Materials - SPECIAL PAINT


Yshield Color electromagnetic radiation protection products

Protective paint for shielding from electromagnetic radiation.


electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective paint Yshield

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective paint Yshield

Aktinovolia special paint is an electrically conductive primer for shielding from high and low frequency radiation. By applying two coats to the surface, a shielding efficiency of 99.99% against high frequency radiation can be achieved. In technical language, this is equivalent to a protective attenuation of up to 50dB, and this at frequencies up to 40Ghz! (5G Ready)

It has excellent performance at the highest level tested 40Ghz!
(You need performance at higher frequencies - where it matters most)

Technical Skills

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The surface must be solid, clean and dry without grease
  • Apply two coats with a high quality roller (rough surface). Maintain a distance of 2 cm from electrical equipment
  • Ideally, glue these areas before you start
  • Aktinovolia paint can be painted with colored paint after 24 hours
  • For safety reasons, all surfaces must be grounded to the electrical wiring of the electrical system or by contact to a bare part of the central heating pipe by a qualified electrician. (We recommend the "grounding" accessory for this purpose)

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective paint Yshield

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective paint Yshield


Electromagnetic Shielding Materials - WINDOWS FILMS


Yshield FILM protection products from electromagnetic radiation

Protective Film (FILM) for shielding from electromagnetic radiation.

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Film Yshield

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective windows Films by Yshield

Special film with coating and self-adhesive coating of precious metal for high frequency (HF) radiation shielding.

Window film with 15% light cut in brown. Attenuation 34 dB.

External application on glass heat-absorbing surfaces.

For the application you need the FVR10 plastic scraper, the FMK30 compact support and the FL4 sealing tip.

Delivery instructions are included in the delivery.

Technical Skills

  • Width: 152cm
  • Length: Linear meter / roll 30 m
  • Dropout: 34dB at 1GHz
  • Light transmission: 15%
  • Daylight color: Brown
  • Material thickness: 50μm
  • Fastening: Activated with water, pressure sensitive adhesive on the back

Internal application only on glass surfaces that do not absorb heat!

The heat-absorbing glass is already plated. When sunlight penetrates the plating and then hits the window leaf, multiple reflections may occur. The window will heat up unnecessarily and therefore due to expansion causing leaks or even cracks in the border seals. Check the type of glass in advance

Electromagnetic Shielding Materials - GROUNDING


Yshield GEAR electromagnetic radiation protection products


electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective grounding Yshield GEAR

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective grounding Yshield GEAR

Special Earthing for shielding from electromagnetic radiation.

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective grounding Yshield

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective grounding Yshield

Ground plate for shielding paints, nets, spots, etc for indoor use.

Square design for installation next to an electrical outlet.

One GW is required per series of connected areas.

3 connection sockets

Technical Skills

  • Self-adhesive (electrically conductive glue)
  • Attenuation: 80dB at 1GHz
  • Adhesive strength 3N / cm
  • Width 2cm
  • Length 10m
  • Thickness 0.1mm

- Ground plate 75 x 75 x 6 mm,
- Cover 80 x 80 x 8 mm,
- 4 screws,
- 4 pins,
- 3 welding plugs
- Grounding tape adhesive

The adhesive in EB1 is electrically conductive, so EB1 can stick down and over the materials.

Due to the electrically conductive material of the adhesive, EB1 sticks at 3N / cm relatively poorly in difficult basements (eg drywall).

Electromagnetic Shielding Materials - CURTAINTS, NETS


Yshield Curtains protection products against electromagnetic radiation

Yshield Curtains for shielding from electromagnetic radiation.

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield Curtains

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield Curtains

The Naturell fabric is 2.5 meters wide.

Shielding using Naturell curtain-fabric electromagnetic shielding:

If you have rooms that have visual contact with cellular antennas or other visible sources of electromagnetic radiation or if you are in densely populated areas and especially on the higher floors of buildings that due to location are more exposed to wireless signals.

Technical Skills

    • ecological cotton fabric
    • without chemicals
    • certified by Öko-Tex 100 and Öko-Tex 1000
    • Aliquam ultricies tincidunt augue quis;
    • Naturell fabric is 2.5 meters wide
    • it is not electrically conductive

For the protection of the population sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and especially of children that is essential to grow up in places free from electromagnetic radiation.

Protects sensitive laboratory equipment from electromagnetic interference, creating a conductive housing in homes, offices, hospitals, diagnostic centers, recording studios, etc.

Protection of corporate buildings, military installations, etc preventing data interception

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield Curtains

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield Curtains

Electromagnetic Shielding Materials - GRIDS

Electromagnetic Shielding Materials: GRIDS - Description

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) protection products Yshield NET
Yshield NETINGS "GRIDS" for shielding from all electromagnetic radiations

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield ΝΕΤ Grid

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield ΝΕΤ Grid

V4A03 is an ultra-thin woven, non-corrosive stainless steel gauze to protect against high frequency (HF) radiation and low frequency (LF) electric fields. Typical application due to the thin threads.

Compared to the V4A10, due to its smaller width, shield attenuation is better at high frequencies. Further application in roof areas, in plasterboard constructions, loosely placed, etc.

Technical Skills

  • Width: 90cm
  • Length: 25m roll (pricing per meter)
  • Attenuation: 50dB, two levels 65dB;
  • Eye width: 0.3mm;
  • Weakening Grounding;
  • Cable diameter: 0.08mm
  • Material thickness: 0.16mm
  • Open space: 54%
  • Weight: 200 g / ml
  • Color: Silver
  • Surface conductivity: 0.03Ohm (square resistance
  • Refractory material, A1 according to DIN 4102: 1994

This product protects high frequency (HF) electromagnetic fields. The indicated dB values are valid for 1GHz, for all frequencies. Expert reports ranging from 40 / 600MHz to 40GHz according to ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006, see the report above.

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield ΝΕΤ Grid

electromagnetic radiation shielding - protective Yshield ΝΕΤ Grid

mobile 5G ready 4G measurements

EMF (electromagnetic) Radiation - Safety Distances

safety distance from radiations

EMF radiation shielding effectiveness - Protect yourselves from any radiation

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AKTINOVOLIA - radiations measuring company services

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