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HARTMAN NODES - Geomagnetic Field Nodes


Geomagnetic Nodes Field - HARTMAN NODES

In 1935 the professor of the University of Heidelberg E. Hartmann discovered that the Earth's surface is scanned by electromagnetic radiation which, if there are no local anomalies, forms a quadrilateral network that has a side, on the North-South axis 2m. and on the East axis - West 2.3m. up to 2.5m. and thickness in both cases about 21 cm. At the points where the lines intersect - named in honor of the man who studied them as much as anyone else HARTMANN LINES - nodes are created, which are extremely dangerous to human health. However even before Hartmann , many peoples and even in different historical periods of mankind, they knew a lot about this network.

Disorders of the dimensions of the quadrilateral of the network occur only when e.g. an underground river passes under the ground.

One can easily identify these lines on the ground, using the technique of traditional dowsing . Hartmann developed this technique, as can be seen in the sketches below, using the parallel bars or the so-called lobe antenne . The same research can be done using a pendulum ...

The art of rhabdoscopy was known to the first inhabitants of Atlanta in Morocco, 3,000 years ago, a fact that is evidenced by the rock paintings in the region Tassilin - Azger. This knowledge was also possessed by Moses (as it appears in the book of Exodus), as well as the Chinese emperor Tu, who in 2200 AD. is shown holding a bar. (The Chinese believed that through the geopathogenic nodes the Dragons communicate with the human world). This art, according to many testimonies, was also known to the Egyptians, the Jews, Persians, Druids, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Hindus and Native Americans, but not our modern society! Many peoples not only respected the nature, but also based their architecture of their houses and their public buildings in the knowledge of some of its laws and of course in the knowledge, even primitive and uninterpreted of the Earth's rays .

How many know that in the case of apartments located above the 6th or 7th floor of the apartment building, where due to the combination of cosmic rays </span > but also of the concrete metal reinforcement there is a serious reduction in distances and deformation of the Hartmann lines, resulting in the distances of the neutral zones are also reduced , ie the points where one can place one's bed or desk.

The doses taken on the 15th or 40th floor of the so-called skyscrapers are so large that they cause long-term reduction of the resistance of the nervous system and disturbances of mental balance. Decades of research in apartment buildings in the former West Germany have shown that those who lived above the level of the 15th floor were 57% sicker than those living in the lower 15th floor apartments. On the other hand, we are more likely to get sick if we place our bed on a geopathogenic node, despite our office, because when we sleep the body loses 70% of its defense systems to deal with external threats.

So to compensate for the large dose of electromagnetic radiation, the body reacts with an overactive tissue, which can lead to cancer. Hartmann even rated his research, concluding that he believes that 60% of illnesses are due to place and place of residence .

Other observations have shown that in geopathogenic nodes there is an increase in the concentration of radon so dangerous to health, but also ray Gama (Γ). The movement of radon, but also other dangerous volatile gases coming from the ground, groundwater, geopathogenic nodes, is facilitated by the existence of tectonic faults and smaller ground cracks, which also creates, like groundwater, geopathogenic nodes . Any anomaly in the geological composition of the subsoil translates into a local disturbance of the dynamic lines of the Earth's field, which can be recorded on the Earth's surface. For example, the existence of groundwater causes measurable phenomena, such as abnormalities of the earth's magnetic field, increase of the field potential of ultraviolet waves, reduction of ultraviolet radiation, microdynamic ataxia, etc.

Other measurements prove the existence of earth currents and natural electric currents circulating in the ground, at varying depths. The currents associated with the surface geological layers of the soil are attributed to the external differences of the Earth's magnetic field, under the action of the solar system and the Earth's inner core. And it is interesting to know that the intensity and potential of these currents increase when a low barometric pressure is observed, especially before a storm. An artificial source, such as a power station, can in turn cause the birth of planets and pulsating currents, which travel through the Earth (the same is true of railway power lines).

The absorption of energy by human tissues is mainly due to the presence of water and ions. The human body is made up of about 70% water. The water molecule, however, is an electric dipole with a positive charge between the two hydrogen atoms and a negative one at the other end where the oxygen atom is located.

So, when our body is in the E / M field, the water molecules, which are electric dipoles, will start to rotate or pulsate at the rate of the wave frequency. The faster they pulsate and the longer the duration of the phenomenon, the greater the amount of heat that will be produced.

The human body has thermoregulatory mechanisms that keep body temperature constant between 36 and 37 degrees Celsius. When the amounts of heat produced in the above way are relatively small, then the thermoregulatory mechanisms can and do dissipate these amounts of heat and the body temperature remains at 36-37 degrees. But when the amount of heat produced exceeds a certain value, then these mechanisms can not fully respond and so we have an increase in temperature in tissues or organs of the body above 37 degrees. For some organs of the human body the increase in temperature is very important. The focus is mainly on lenses of the eyes, nerve tissue, genes and fetuses .

If the temperature of the lenses of the eyes rises from 37oC to 42oC, irreversible denaturation of the lens protein can occur, resulting in the formation of a cataract. Of course, for this to happen, the incident power density, ie the "intensity" of the E / M field, must be high enough.

Our planet Earth, itself, is a "magnetic comet", which revolves around itself, around the Sun and around latest analysis from the Universe and its every move is accompanied by magnetic and electrical induction phenomena, either on land and in the oceans or in the atmosphere and stratosphere. Our living space is within a natural field of radiation that includes cosmic radiation, "solar and lunar winds" and radiation of earthly origin. Recent studies have shown that we receive non-stop waves of radiation from the center of our galaxy, which were discovered thanks to extremely sensitive electronic instruments. These waves are due to the motion of the stars and the forces with which they are attracted depending on their mass, their rotation speed and their distance. They significantly affect the earth's magnetic field and are the basis of cosmic vibrations or so-called "complex electromagnetic vibrations".

So all this energy that surrounds the earth consists of individual elements:

(a) radiation from the decay of matter, a process that releases energy (radioactivity)

b) the solar radiation that reaches the Earth

c) cosmic radiation

d) the Earth's radiation, eg the radiation sent to the Universe by the Earth, part of which absorbs a part of the Sun's radiation. So during the day the Earth receives more energy from the Universe than it radiates towards it while at night the opposite phenomenon occurs

e) The electricity of the atmosphere that changes depending on the weather conditions. A closer look at Nature can lead us to discover some geopathogenic zones < em > (eg diseased trees with carcinomas in the trunk or with deformed trunk, sick animals, etc.). To cut (if of course there are in the area) male fern branches (polypodiaceae) and put them in a jar with water for 24 hours. If after this period they wither, it means that in the area where they were cut there are severe geobiological problems.

Animals that were forced by humans to live in geopathogenic zones:
- rabbits had arthritis and hair loss
- dogs rheumatism
- hens leukemia
bovine infertility, weight reduction and milk production

As for the mice , which our human-centered culture hates so much, they completely avoid places that have intense radiation and geopathogenic nodes, so their presence in a house is considered a good and not a bad sign (apart of course from the damage which can cause in food, a problem that can be solved with one or more cats, which should be noted, which is strange, they prefer like bees, as well as ants to sit on geopathogenic nodes!).

That is why the presence of a cat is of therapeutic importance for a home, because it collects, so to speak, "swallows" the negative radiation, which includes those that come from psychological problems. (This is provided that the cat can go out in the φ condition even if unloaded, at least once a day). It has been scientifically proven that if the beekeeper places his artificial hive on a geopathogenic node, the annual honey production is multiplied.

PLANTS: Roses, sunflowers, begonias, azaleas, cacti, cucumbers, onions.
TREES: Apple, peach, beech.

PLANTS: Asparagus, mushrooms, medicinal plants.
TREES: Oak, fir, cherry, plum.

Bacteria and viruses multiply when placed on font-weight: bold; "> geopathogenic nodes .
The existence of many geopathogenic nodes in different areas created psychological and other problems for their inhabitants. From a biological point of view, the positive nodes helped the growth of cancer cells, while the negative ones helped in the development of infectious diseases!

The earth, according to Dr. Hartmann's theory, behaves like the negative armature of a huge capacitor, whose positive pole is none other than the Universe, from the Universe, which creates above its ground, an electric field, of whose vector is 100 to 150 volts.

The electric potential of the atmosphere increases with altitude and decreases if there is humidity in the air. It varies, moreover, depending on the season, reaching its maximum point in summer, but also depending on the time: at 8 pm the maximum electrical potential of the atmosphere is recorded, which increases the blood pressure of the person. It gradually decreases, reaching its lowest point at 4 in the morning, during the period of deep sleep, when blood pressure decreases.

After all, every bush, every tree, every animal and every bird behaves like an antenna passing through the celestial positive field, which is reduced by the earth's negative polarity. Earthly flora and fauna can also teach us a lot about soil loads. Heaths, pixars, oysters prefer e.g. soils with a positive electrical character. Hens, ducks, cats, dogs, partridges and hares also prefer them, because they grow better there. Snails, slugs and salamanders choose negatively charged soils, where some varieties of mallow grow. In neutral zones in terms of earth electricity we find ferns, asparagus and asparagus, mice and flies!

So that there is radiation, earthly and cosmic, is obvious and scientifically proven, and in fact, we could somehow classify them into different categories.

1st category: radiation due to groundwater movement, tectonic faults, radioactive rock deposits, local magnetic disturbances field and in underground caves. Our ancestors knew that it was unhealthy to sleep near springs, because it could cause headaches, insomnia and rheumatism, or that one should not sleep under the fig trees (who knew that the fig tree grows best in geopathogenic places!) because "that's where the goblins come out"!

Engineer Cody after years of research concluded that:
Dangerous radiation exists, and we can detect and measure it
The Earth's radiation "rises" perpendicular to the ground level, without lateral propagation.
The slightest change in the atmosphere is accompanied by a significant change in the intensity of the earth's radiation coming from the subsoil.

The intensity of the radiation varies according to the same logic depending on the temperature: it reaches its maximum in summer, is minimized in the cold and is almost zero in the frost. Besides, the radiations are stronger during the sunny days and the rising of the Sun. A prolonged rainy season causes their prices to drop significantly. On a 24-hour basis we have a maximum at 5 in the morning and a minimum at 10 in the morning.

2nd category: Radiation due to old human activities.
e.g. in excavation of underground mining galleries, underground railway lines, sewerage networks, wells, etc. which created powerful sources of stimulation and concentration of earthly radiation.

3rd category: Radiation due to modern human activities, ie electrical, electronic and nuclear radiation.

Earth's Geomagnetic field

As for the Earth's magnetism, the Earth's surface is now being scanned by a normal magnetic field, whose north magnetic pole moves slowly from year to year. The intensity of this field depends on the hours of the day and presents two maximums and two daily limits (one of these minimums is at 4 in the morning, time that stops from the longitude or latitude and the specific place where the measurement .x. magnetic disturbances are recorded where there are tectonic faults and movement of underground rivers).

Also, to a lesser extent, every metal object that has been buried for centuries on earth is "remembered", that is, it has memorized this direction in its molecules and, if placed on a piece of floating cork, it tends to regain its original direction! The dynamic lines of a magnet that have been realized with the help of iron shavings are in fact analogous to the lines observed in a cut tree trunk!

Because in Nature the trees grow following a perfect balance, in relation to the four basic directions of the horizon. In fact, on their trunks we often recognize the direction of the North, due to the presence of a green fungus, the pleurococcous species, a single-celled organism that serves as a compass in Nature!

In addition, some Canadian scientists have shown that bird wings play an antenna role by capturing the high-frequency electromagnetic (E / M) waves emitted by the Earth. In fact, where there were anomalies and disturbances of the E / M field, due to the existence of e.g. radio and television transmitters, high-voltage lines and power stations, the birds had orientation problems.

Finally, the German biologist Frankel proved that bacteria can also orient themselves in the mud of rivers and lakes using the earth's magnetic field! "Beets grow best when planted on lines oriented along the North-South axis. The branches of the trees grow best on the East-West axis. If a cow looks east during pregnancy, she will definitely be born female, while west she will definitely be born male. Elephants die looking to the West. The sex of a child depends on the orientation of the couple at the time of conception etc.

Earth's Geographic & Magnetic North Poles

We could of course say many such beliefs , of which others have a great deal and others very little to do with reality . All of them, however, show the curiosity of man and his attempt to interpret a series of natural phenomena, which are also due to the existence of the main points of the horizon.

How many times do we say that such a person "has a sense of direction"! Because, really, some of our fellow human beings have this sixth sense and can easily orient themselves, while others get lost even in an easy spot.

In the human body there are six reception zones of the earth's magnetic effects. Two receptors (one right and one left) are located at the level of the eyebrow arches (eyebrows), two at the level of the neck, two others at the level of the elbows, two at the lumbar muscles, two at the knees and finally two at πατούσες. These differential receivers are particularly sensitive to changes in the Earth's magnetic vector. The change of the magnetic field, no matter how small it is (existence of magnetic rocks, groundwater, caves, faults, etc.), in the equilibrium of one of these pairs of receivers is at the base of the supposed "magic signal", which manifests itself when we use the rods of classical dowsing or the pendulum.

Many other scientists have shown that both manual and mental work are facilitated when the workplace is oriented East-West and the sleeping area and rest in the direction North - South.

Many writers also found that they were better inspired when their office "saw" the West. The south orientation causes nervousness, the east good mood, while the north calms the nerves. According to the pioneering doctor Hartmann, the blood flow is oriented according to the magnetic field of the specific place, that is, approximately with the head of the North, due to the presence of iron in the blood. So let's sleep with our heads to the north. But when it comes to a little nap (siesta), it is better from time to time to place our head in the East, so as to strengthen our body mentally.
In addition, Russian scientists have shown that under the influence of a well-studied magnetic field the activity of leukocytes increases, respiration becomes calmer and that small malignant tumors of animals self-absorb. The use, after special study, of a magnet in the bedrooms (for a few minutes or a few hours of the day) can restore the vital balance of a disturbed magnetic field.

It is certain that all traditional societies knew how to orient their homes according to the magnetic north (which does not coincide with the geographical north) and this is proved by all the research that has been done from time to time for the Aztecs and the Maya and for different peoples of Africa of Australia and Polynesia.

But only in China, the whole architectural creation was based on the concept of the Universe, the Earth and the relationship between them, while the relationship of man with the four basic points of the horizon found its apotheosis. Recall that, before anything was built, the prospective builder consulted a surveyor. Chinese geomancy or Feng-Shoui refers to the existence of two magnetic currents: one yang, positive polarity (blue dragon), the other yin, negative polarity (white tiger) and notes that the ideal place for to build something that has many earthly and cosmic properties. The traditional Japanese house is oriented according to the four points of the horizon, while the couple's bed always has its headrest in the north, so that "the mysterious juices of the earth, always come to help τους». The Dogon people in Mali, Africa, orient their houses and beds on the North-South axis and the men always sleep on their right side facing the West, while the women on the left, looking to the East. , in the exact position that they will have in the memory when they die!

Earth's Geomagnetic field

That is why the effects on the health of people who sleep or work on groundwater are significant, considering that they not only cause radiation, but also often transport radioactive materials. But at this point there are differences, e.g. the underground rivers that move in the direction East - West are the most dangerous from those that move in the axis North - South etc.

A typical example is the Lavapata meander in San Agustin, Colombia, where water from an adjacent river, before being consumed, passed through a labyrinthine system of pipes of various cross-sections and shapes, to increase its dynamics. Between these various pipes, the forms of aquatic reptiles were engraved: frogs, snails, salamanders, etc., symbols that, according to Indian traditions, of fertility. At the exit of this system, the inhabitants used as much water as they needed and then the rest was channeled, in the same way, back to the river, to nature, thanking her for providing it to them.

Τhe Arabs also knew the power of water and how to rejuvenate it, and so the magnificently architectural public fountains they built wherever they went often had an octagonal shape, based on the knowledge that water flows, often forming the number 8. in its vortices, a number that symbolized for the Arab numeral philosophers the ascending and descending circulation of energy between the Earth and the sky. The octagon is, after all, traditionally the intermediate form between the square (symbolizing the Earth) and the circle (symbolizing the sky), while water is the element that expresses the active exchanges between the cosmic Universe and our planet!

It is a fact e.g. that wheat seeds grow less well in water that has vibrated at the moment e.g. a total solar eclipse. Ancient Babylon, for example, was preceded by a period of many years before a palace or temple was built, during which pets were allowed to live freely in the area chosen. Some experts studied their behavior and decided on the suitability or not of the place.
The Aztecs and Celts had similar practices (knowing, in fact, 2,000 years before the present day, the existence of cosmic radiation) but also the ancient Chinese, who sought space to find harmony between yin and yang.

Earth's Geomagnetic field

The female element of the Earth, representing the caves, precipices and mountains, was once inhabited by elves and gods of various names, most famously the 12 gods of Olympus. Now resides the spirit of the Prophet Elias, in the hundreds of small churches, which are dedicated to his memory and which are located at a high altitude in the Greek mountains. Menir and dolmen were once used to mark those places where there was a lot of earth activity (eg earthquakes, important geopathogenic nodes, etc.), where the Earth "spirit" was very "lively" »!

These points implemented in the space the hypothetical doors of communication with the "lower world", the world of the ancestors. There are some monuments on Earth, in which one can distinguish a force and a dynamic: Pyramids, temples of the Aztecs and the Maya, Chinese temples and palaces, ancient Greek temples and catholic gothic temples, etc. Monuments and places with which we can create a communication dialogue depending on the time, month and year. Millions of Hindus, for example, flock to worship at Harvard every 12 years when Mars enters the constellation of Aquarius.

Even the traditional ways of worship of today's Christian humanity seem to follow, as in antiquity, the elements of the Earth. In France e.g. The way of pilgrimage of St. James of Compostele follows a road that had been carved by the Druids in antiquity and which had been implemented with menir and dolmen, as the Christians of today implemented it with churches and chapels.

The whole of today's so-called civilized humanity recognizes the existence of such places, which, for reasons often unknown. All these sacred places have a strong terrain (eg Mount Helios) and where they are often visible, even naked eye, the tectonic anomalies of the earth's crust (eg Meteora). Places also where there was and is intense earthly and cosmic radiation: In the cathedral of Chartres, one of the most famous Gothic temples in France, there is a deformation of the Hartmann lines at the level of the sanctuary and the choice of its construction site was made at one point where the flow of 14 underground rivers intersects!

Earth's Geomagnetic field

The same is true, as has been shown, of all the studies of distinguished scholars, of the prehistoric dolmen (which in the Breton language of the Celtic minority living in Brittany, France, and Wales, Great Britain, means merely a stone table!), Which are built in clean, energy-free areas without geo-pathogenic nodes!

The amazing cathedral of Amiens in France, a real museum of interior art. Apart from his famous sculptures - which contain all the alchemical knowledge - and their allegories, he is precisely oriented to Hartmann's network! Thus it weakens the harmful effects and utilizes the beneficial ones! The various zones coincide with the horizontal and vertical axes of the temple and the choir area. In addition, the main intersection is marked with a very artistic octagonal rose mosaic, which represents the center of a maze. The secondary current junctions are all marked on the floor with special plates! All intersections of other networks are marked with a series of symbols exactly at their points! The church was built from 1218 to 1269. But we had to reach 2000 to decipher some of its secrets ... Similar analogies are presented by other large cathedrals such as Aachen, Notre Dame, etc.

From all this it is known that, "man, is an organism extremely sensitive to light, magnetic fields, static electricity and cosmic radiation. His brain reacts to an ocean of radiation or with its reactions directs all its vital functions. Because man is himself a field of energy, which shifts within an energy system, larger and more unstable than him, and this is the Universe!

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