Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Sr3YCo4O10+δ and Carbon Black-Reinforced Polyvinylidenefluoride Composites toward High-Performance Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Subodh Ganesanpotti 268-341 minutes (source: ) Abstract In this study, we fabricated composites of conducting carbon black (CB), room-temperature ferromagnetic Sr3YCo4O10+δ (SYCO) and polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF) by the solution mixing and coagulation method for the first time. During the nucleation process of

radiation exposure load safety limits

Electromagnetic Radiation and Safe Exposure Limits – The limits of safe exposure in Greece Limits & Measurements / Scientific Organizations EEKT Electromagnetic Radiation and Safe Exposure Limits From 1970 until today, scientists have been studying the possibilities of the effect of non-ionizing radiation on human health and living organisms in general. As a result of

Ionizing radiation from tests Indicative list (just for the sake of knowing – and avoiding abuse – does not mean we should avoid them …) Radiological examination: tooth panorama typical active dose mSv 0.01 equivalent number of chest X-rays 0.5 equivalent length of stay in the natural environment 1.5 Radiological examination: chest typical active dose

How much radiation do we receive from our home devices and how can we protect ourselves By ANTZIS SALTABASI, KOSTA DELIGIANNI Illustration: NIKOS KOURTIS Kathimerini Newspaper (14.11.2009) – How can our cell phone, cordless phone or router be damaged? Another type of pollution is constantly increasing in recent years: electromagnetic. The new radiation meters

Removing a mobile phone antenna from a densely populated area With its decision no. 346/2018, the Single Member Court of First Instance of Corinth accepted the application for precautionary measures regarding the removal of a mobile telephony antenna. The mobile phone company that installed the antenna was ordered to remove the disputed antennas and machines

depth of Radiation Absorption (SAR) by the human brain, by age

Radiation – the SAR values ​​of the most popular mobiles What is SAR ? Why do we measure it? Does it have to be one of the basic information you will learn about your device before you get it? See below a list of most Android devices on the market, and their SAR head and

SHIELD SOLUTIONS TO REDUCE EXPOSURE TO ELECTROMAGNETIC CHARGE: How do I shield an area from radiation? From a special workshop with special shielding materials. These materials reflect radiation due to their conductive composition (from 99% – 99.99%).     Where are wireless electromagnetic shielding solutions commonly used? In Homes Schools Hotels Hospitals Nursing Homes Maternity

RF Spectrum

RF SPECTRUM – RADIATION DIAGRAM – ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM:   With the following diagrams we will try to graphically clarify the electromagnetic spectrum and frequencies, both high and low, that are around us   Our world, our nature, our sun, the universe in general, leaks from almost every frequency – from visible light to very high


Radon is a radioactive gas released from the subsoil and is everywhere

Find your area and check the measurements for the general Radon levels - online map with radon levels in Greece of the HELLENIC ATOMIC ENERGY COMMITTEE (GAEC)

Radon Gas exposure map - Greece

Learn more about Radon Gas here


Mobile Phone Antennas in your neighborhood: are there any? where?

Find out at Antennas implemented Information Portal ( – an online application that allows citizens to find out about antenna constructions that are licensed or registered at EETT (National Telecommunications and Post Commission - GR)

mobile telephony antennas - Greece

Learn more about the radiation emitted by Mobile Telephony Antennas - here

Conversions Formulas of Radiation measurements units

Conversion Formulas - Radiation Measurements unit conversions for a fuller understanding

Mathematical formulas useful for a better understanding of radiation exposure measurements

Terminology on Radiation Terms


What is electromagnetic radiation?
Are there many types of electromagnetic radiation?
In which cases do we have exposure to electromagnetic radiation?

Radiation and Risk Management

Risk management is at the core of every organization's management strategy

The focus of a good risk management is to identify and manage these risks SEE MORE...


"The Law of the Inverted Square"

tables informing about the - approximate - distances required to reach the radiation protection limit,
"Salzburg 2001 / 2002" (Salzburg Precautionary Limit of 2001 and 2002)

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